Choosing the Right Path

I’m currently thinking about a question I’ve been asking myself for literally as long as I can remember: with so many paths to choose from, how do we know which one we're supposed to take?

10 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Being from one of the most hipster cities in America (I'm looking at you, Nashville), I meet a lot of bloggers. But I also meet a lot of people who have good ideas that don't start blogs. And I think they should. Here are 10 reasons why.

Travel Lessons Learned: All Things Packing

One of the primary reasons that travel never gets old is that I learn something new on every single trip. No matter where in the world I go, there are no shortage of new experiences to have, new places to visit or new people to meet. And no matter where in the world I go, there is no shortage of struggle experienced while figuring out what to pack.

Fighting Your Worst Enemy

We all have that person in our lives. Before you've truly begun to formulate an idea for a novel, a business plan, a personal goal, or a new blog, that person's voice is already listing all the ways that it could go wrong.

The March Blogging Challenge: 7 Day Itch

I had a goal when I started the blogging challenge to pre-write content on the weekends so that I wouldn’t be scrambling after work throughout the week to get content written. And yet, here I am after 9:00pm on a Tuesday cranking out a blog post