Hi, I'm Sarah.

I'm a Nashville, Tennessee-based writer, world traveler, new homeowner, amateur photographer, and finance nerd. I like to write (and read) about travel, money, and life in general while drinking as many cappuccinos as possible.

Here at Sarah Going, I write about visiting as many countries as I can around the world... but I also write about surviving budget hostels, working in a cubicle, balancing aggressive savings goals with aggressive travel goals and failing repeatedly along the way.

Because the reality of those drink a cappuccino at a cafe in Venice adventures is that they cost a few of those bring turkey sandwiches from home for months, work full time at a desk job, lay your own tile in your one bathroom, and learn some hard lessons the hard way type of adventures.

So what kind of blog is this anyway? A travel blog? A personal finance blog? A career blog? An old-house-that-is-cute-but-high-maintenance blog? A blog about cappuccinos?

Some of all of the above.

Put simply, I like to think of it as an authentic adventure story.

(And I'm glad you are here to be a part of it).