10 Day Trip Review: Hungary, Austria and Germany in April

This is a 10 day trip review. Want more general info on the 10 day trip? Check out this post.

Recreate This Trip

You can recreate this exact trip using 6 vacation days off work (or only using 5 vacation days if you have the Good Friday holiday off work). I originally took this trip with two of my friends in April 2017.

The Flights

We flew out of Nashville on Thursday evening after work and arrived in Munich in the early evening on Good Friday. We departed from Munich airport a week later on Sunday morning and arrived back home in Nashville by that Sunday night.

Special Flight Note

We did not take a multi city flight on this trip! Therefore, this itinerary could be improved by flying into Budapest from Nashville and out of Munich at the end of the trip. Instead, we caught a night train to Budapest from Munich after landing, which put us arriving in Hungary on Saturday morning. Obviously, this wasn’t ideal… but the round trip flight to Munich and the cost of the night train were still cheaper than the multi-city flights at the time we were buying, so we made it work.

The Itinerary

We spent Saturday night and Sunday night in Budapest, then took a train in the middle of the day on Monday to Vienna. We spent Monday and Tuesday night in Vienna, then took a train to Innsbruck on Wednesday. After spending Wednesday and Thursday night in Innsbruck, we took the train to Munich, where we spent Friday and Saturday nights before catching our flight home on Sunday morning.

The Accommodation

As usual, we targeted an average price per night of $50. It is possible to do this trip with a lower average price per night, but the $50 a night price point gave us much more flexibility in choosing hostels and even allowed us to take two nights away from the hostel dorm room! We stayed in hostel dorm-style accommodation in Budapest, Vienna and Munich and were able to stay in an Airbnb in Innsbruck.

The Best of….


Budapest is known for amazing nightlife, and it did not disappoint. One thing that I wasn’t expecting was such a great food scene… at such affordable prices. The exchange rate from USD is very helpful, and as a serious foodie, I had a blast eating and drinking here!


I’ve been to Vienna once before for a quick stopover, and what amazed me about the city then was still amazing to me on this trip: it is SO EASY to get around in Vienna. Fantastic and relatively cheap public transportation will take you everywhere you need to go. Of all the cities we visited, this is the one I feel like I could live in most easily: big enough to have that city feel with a very approachable culture, in my opinion. I’m a fan.


I have to give a HUGE should out to Travelettes for their 10 Reasons to Love Innsbruck post, because we ate at two of the places that the post recommended and they were both fantastic. Again, I’m focusing on food… oops! Aside from great eats, the highlight of Innsbruck had to be our fantastic penthouse Airbnb apartment. Yes, walking around the city was fun… but this place was heaven, easily one of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed anywhere in the world.


We dropped off our bags and decided to check out the “little Oktoberfest” that we kept seeing flyers for… and happened to walk up to the entrance of the Munich Spring Fest right when it started. We actually got a spot in the beer tent, ate bratwurst and pretzels and drank huge beers while watching the shenanigans. Overall, we had a blast!

This 10 Day Trip Could Be Improved By...

Taking a multi city flight, as mentioned above. Multi city flights are sometimes more expensive, but they are a much more efficient use of limited vacation time from work. While it was fun to see two new countries (Hungary and Germany) and explore a new city in Austria (Innsbruck), we had too many destinations in this 10 day trip itinerary. I particularly felt that we needed more time in Vienna, and we were so tired when we got to Munich that we didn’t get a lot of time to explore there either. If I was taking this trip again, it would be to Budapest, Vienna and Munich.

Additional Notes

Watch out for the WEATHER. On this particular trip in mid-April, it was 65 degrees while we were in Budapest and 15 degrees and snowing while we were in Innsbruck. April is generally a great time to travel since it is on the front end of the summer tourist season, but make sure you check the weather in ALL the cities you are visiting prior to your departure… because it can vary pretty widely! (aka, you may need to pack your sandals and snow boots!)