Austria in April: Back at it Again with the Trip Plans

Since it is officially March (how in the world did that happen?), inquisitive minds everywhere are wondering: why in the world hasn’t Sarah Going gone anywhere yet in 2017? I couldn’t be more excited to announce that trip plans are well underway… and I’ll be heading to Germany, Hungary and Austria in April!

This is a particularly exciting trip for me, because it includes several firsts.

My Trip Plans Include My Two Best Friends

My two best friends from college happen to be a bit younger than me, so I graduated first and entered the work world almost immediately after college. After saving up some money, I was lucky enough to meet a friend at work with as much wanderlust as me, so we began planning and going on epic adventures together. But to this day, my two best college friends have been either in school or navigating the early stages of first jobs, so we have never all been on a trip together.


As we all know, people can make a trip. Whether those are the people you meet when you are traveling solo, or the people you keep around you as your adventure buddies. I love these girls and love spending time with them, so I can’t wait to have them both with me on a trip!

My Trip Plans Include WAY TOO MANY CITIES

This isn’t necessarily a first for me, because the way I learned how many cities in a 10 day trip to Europe was too many cities is that I made the mistake of trying to see way too many. Several times. However, it has been awhile since I’ve made that particular mistake… so why not make it again?

All jokes aside, my friends and readers who travel using limited vacation days understand the plight of travel in Europe when you are heading there from the U.S.: you want to feel as though you’ve made the most of your time, but still be able to feel like you’ve gotten to know the places you visit (not rushed through them). I know that a 10 day trip can reasonably include about 3 cities, and if I only visit 2, I'll feel that I really got to know them. But it also seems wrong to travel by train through places that you want to see and not stop. Also, people have different priority cities when planning a trip... and when you have three people instead of one or two going on an adventure together, that list of priority cities can get pretty lengthy rather quickly.

So we have an itinerary that includes 4 cities in 3 countries over 10 days. We are never staying in a place more than two nights. I’m going to need to sleep for a week when I get back, but at least I’ll have a lot of pictures for the blog!

I Didn't Buy a Multi City Flight

As you know, multi city flights are always my preference because they don’t waste time - you arrive where you want to be and you leave from where you are at the end of the trip, so you don’t have added travel time in there just to get back to where you started and fly out. While a multi city flight would certainly have been more convenient for this packed itinerary, sometimes, the price is so good on a round trip flight that you just can’t pass it up. So here we are: flying round trip in and out of Munich, and somehow getting ourselves to Budapest at the beginning of the trip (possibly on a night train). It's going to be an adventure!

I’m Visiting Two New Countries

I’ve been to Austria for a short time in 2011 between Turkey and Italy (on one of those trips with WAY TOO MANY CITIES mentioned above!) Other than returning to Vienna, everywhere we are going on this trip will be new for me. Three new cities and two new countries! I’ll be visiting both Hungary and Germany for the first time, and while I know that I’ll have to return to both to do them justice, I am excited to see two new countries that have been on my list for a very long time.

What trips do you have planned in 2017? Have you visited Austria, Germany or Hungary? Feel free to share your travel plans and tips in the comments!