Dare to be Different

There's a reason people say that you should "dare to be different."

Because being different is daring.

People don't say that you should try to be different, or aim to be different, or attempt to be different.

People don't talk about being different like it is a whim, or something you can work towards casually.

People don't even talk about being different like it is a goal you would want to achieve.

We talk about being different like it is a choice to be made.

We call being different like it is: something you have to dare to do.

Dare is a verb that implies you are taking a stand.

Dare implies you will need courage.

Dare implies you will face challenges.

Dare implies that not everyone will succeed.

Not everyone will want to take that journey.

When we say you should "dare to be different", we are also saying it is easier to be the same.

We are saying that not being different is an easier option.

Fitting in does not require daring.

So why would anyone want to be different?

Because, put simply, you were born to stand out.

Because fitting in at the expense of hiding yourself is no way to live.

Because the world deserves the real you.

The world deserves your own personal brand of different.

So go ahead.


The world is waiting...