French, Finance and the End of February

I understand that it was a short month, but I seriously don’t know where February went. Don’t get me wrong, I was beyond glad to survive January (as was my budget after January’s heating bill), but this past month flying by so fast has left me feeling very behind. Since I wrote a grand total of one blog post in February, I think it is high time for an update.

A slow start to goal progress

At this point two months in, I’m holding judgement on whether or not I bit off more than I can chew with my 2018 goals. While they may be a bit overambitious, it is also possible I just had a rough start to the year.

In January, I got a stomach flu that knocked me down and out for a solid week. That situation combined with bitter cold and dark days in Nashville most of the month resulted in my laziest possible self. Think: no kickboxing and lots of Netflix with a side of carbohydrates.

Perfect storm.

I’m happy to report that in February, I finally pulled myself out of my funk and (slowly) started functioning like a productive member of society again. Think: reading books instead of watching TV, reestablishing a social life and exercising.

Since my life is divided into basically the same priorities I defined in my 2018 goals post, we'll call this a goal and life update in one (two birds, one blog post).


I still haven't figured out how to write every day, but I'm not going to give up yet. I've been the most successful with this goal when I wake up early enough to carve out an hour of writing time before work. Unfortunately, I am NOT a morning person, and I lose the battle with my snooze button on a regular basis... so I'm going to keep thinking about the best way to achieve this goal. I am on track with my reading goal of 25 books this year, so that's something. Hopefully, you'll hear from me here on the blog a bit more regularly in March!


In January, I knocked off the first of the 6 trips I'm targeting in 2018 with a visit to Asheville, NC. In February, I bought flights for my first international trip of the year, which I can't wait to update you about. In February, I also officially chose a language and started working on learning it - French! I've always loved French the most out of any language I've ever tried to learn... and since language learning isn't my strongest subject, I'm hoping that loving the language I'm trying to learn will give me a leg up.


While the house hasn't had a ton of visible renovation progress since the beginning of 2018, I did host a Valentine's Tapas and Tequila party for several of my friends who haven't seen the fifties fixer upper just yet. It was a blast, and I'm already planning for my next party, which will be a baby shower for one of my best and oldest friends. (I'm going to try to finish my bathroom floor by then... promise.)


It may be the least sexy of my life/goal categories, but I did make a lot of progress on getting my financial house in order over the past two months. I outlined my expenses, established a budget, figured out how much I want to save by the end of the year, and backed into a monthly savings number (which I've successfully saved for two months... yes, I know it's only two months, but still - progress!) My next big task in this category is to set up an investment account and start investing. Fun stuff.


When I wrote the original 2018 goals post, I included "learn to cook" in this category. Since then, I've broadened that a bit and am including all my learning goals for the year in this category (aside from my language learning goal, which is included in the travel section above). During February, I did a lot of career-related research to determine if there were any areas of finance that I might want to learn more about that were also a good fit for my prior experience, and I found one: financial modeling. So I'm kicking off my new modeling obsession with a class on Coursera. French and Finance, anyone? 

Everything Else

Also in February, I discovered the show Homeland (....why was I not watching this before? No idea, but I'm hooked). Despite the fact that it's rained a ton over the past month, it was also warm for a few days in Nashville, so I've had fun pretending it is spring while drinking margaritas on patios with friends. Looking ahead to March, I'm focused on finalizing my May travel plans, doing more French and Finance coursework, getting back to kickboxing regularly and the March menu at Five Daughters Donuts (... the real reason kickboxing is a necessity).

What did you get up to over the past month? What are your March plans? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!