The March Blogging Challenge

March started with a bang here in Nashville: rain, heavy winds, hail and tornado warnings. Maybe March is as shocked to be here as I am that it is already here. Seriously, where did February go? Despite feeling like the beginning of this year has flown, I have been making progress on most of my goals in the first two months of 2017. However, there is one particular resolution on the 2017 list that hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves: my resolution to build a web presence that makes me proud. While this goal encompasses some smaller social media-related tasks that I do want to accomplish this year, the largest component of this goal is to make sure I’m consistently creating and sharing content here on the blog.

Since my most recent post was written on the first of February (aka A MONTH AGO), you can see how well this is going so far...

Knowing That Consistency is Key Isn’t Always Enough to Keep You On Track

If you stop by the blog often (or even if you don’t visit very often), you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I struggle with consistency. While I understand and respect the need for consistency as a blogger, the 4 total blog posts I’ve written in the first 60 days of 2017 are a testament to the fact that I’m not off to a great start. I tend to create a lot of content when I get a burst of inspiration, then I don’t create any for a while. So I’m on a mission to trick myself into creating better blogging habits.

Enter… the March blogging challenge.

Use a Blogging Challenge to Kick off Better Habits

The rules for the March blogging challenge are simple: post every day during the month of March.

I like the idea of challenges because they attack one thing at a time, for a manageable (read: short) amount of time. They also tend to be a great kickoff for a long-term habit. As I learned during my 45 Day Challenge at the beginning of 2017, I gravitate towards simple goals. I know that posting every single day will take focus, but the fact that I can post anytime I want to during the day and the fact that I can pre-write content when I have more time makes the goal feel more attainable. (Think: not too much structure, but just enough!)

Use the Momentum as a Motivator

I’d love for other bloggers to chime in with their thoughts on this, but I’ve always felt that momentum is an important component of consistent blogging. When I’m writing on a consistent schedule and sharing content more than once a week, inspiration for the blog takes a front seat in my mind. It is easier to come up with ideas for posts and easier to execute those ideas when I’m blogging consistently than to start trying to find inspiration and create good content when I haven’t written in a while. This is another reason I like using short-term, focused challenges as a kick starter for good habits: the momentum of doing something every day pushes you to keep doing it every day.

Then all of the sudden, you’ve tricked yourself into creating a habit. Voila!