New Orleans in Pictures and My Love Affair with Photography

One of my favorite things about food bloggers is that they write a story in between pictures of their recipe.

Then at the end of the post, after you’ve learned about their day or week and seen mouth-watering shots of some gorgeous food creation throughout… Voila! There is the recipe that you can follow yourself!


I tend to not write “photo posts” quite as often here at Sarah Going for a variety of reasons (not least of which is my lack of professional camera gear). However, I want to share some of the pictures from my most recent trip to New Orleans, so I might as well tell a story while I share those… the story of how I fell in love with photography.


My love affair with photography started at a pretty young age.

My dad was taking some photography classes at the local community college when I was a toddler, and he shot all of my “toddler portraits” on black and white film. I grew up seeing those pictures around the house, and knew that I wanted to learn more about how to take photographs like that when I grew up.


My first semester at University, I took a photography class. Lucky for me, my University’s Photo 1 course focused on black and white film. I got myself a used Pentax film camera and learned how to develop my own photos in the darkroom.

It was easily the most unique class I took in my undergraduate years, and it was also a lot of fun.

Fast-forward to my current situation, working full-time in finance and traveling as much as possible on weekends, holidays and vacation days. I don’t take pictures around Nashville as often as I’d like to, and that is something that I want to focus on changing this year. But when I go somewhere new, it is all about the photography for me.


You can usually find me climbing up a hill or a tower, crouching on the ground, bending upside down or otherwise doing something weird to get a unique and interesting shot.


Currently, I use a Sony HX50 pocket camera with a 30x optical zoom and my iPhone to take pictures while traveling. While I love my Sony (and it is very convenient for travel - just one camera body with one attached lens, very light and easy), one of my goals for this year is to upgrade my camera equipment.


It’s time to invest in this life-long love affair with photography, and see where it may lead.

(Hopefully, it leads to more photo-story posts in the future!)


Do you have camera recommendations? Feel free to share in the comments!